Unique Correlation ID

Except where otherwise specified, all headers will contain a key X-Svb-Correlation-Id which is a unique id per API call. Client does not have to pass in any additional data in the request to receive this value back in the response. Any communications with API banking support should, along with the timestamp, request, and response bodies, include this X-Svb-Correlation-Id value in order for us to provide you the quickest resolution.


Filtering within the endpoint follows the strict format of:

  • filter[<field name>]=value


Note: If the field name is embedded within a json, you will use periods to separate each level.  

  "data": {
    "field1": {
      "unique_id1": "some_value_here"

To filter on "unique_id1" you would use: data.field1.unique_id1

The endpoint might look like: /v1/virtualcards?filter[data.field1.unique_id1]=some_value_here

Like pagination above, the endpoints that allow filtering will state the feature within the endpoint documentation and will include the exact fields that can be filtered and any special rules related to those filters.

SVB keeps API transactions for 7 years. When querying for transactions, clients can query for data from last 7 years. There are also some minor differences in how filtering works between ACH and VCN APIs. Below are the filtering behaviors for each API when the a date field is used:


The effective date is set directly on the filter and the endpoint returns transactions for the specified date and after.

Filter endpoint: /v1/ach?filter[effective_date]=some_value_here , where some_value_here is a date in format "YYYY-MM-DD".


Instead of specifying a single date as the ACH API, VCN API allows the user to specify a start and end date. 

 Specify a date range   /v1/virtualcards/:id/clearings?filter[settlement_date]=true&start={{settlement_date_start}}&end={{settlement_date_end}}
 Specify an exact date   Use the above endpoint but set the settlement_date_start = settlement_date_end
 Greater than a specified date   /v1/virtualcards/:id/clearings?page[limit]=100&filter[authorization_date]=true&start={{authorization_date_start}}
 Less than a specified date   /v1/virtualcards/:id/clearings?page[limit]=100&filter[authorization_date]=true&end={{authorization_date_end}}




Multiple filters and combinations of filters and pagination are supported on ACH and VCN APIs. Below are some example endpoints showing how multiple filters and pagination can be combined:

        VCN API: 

        ACH API: