October 2021

  • ACH API webhook notifications bug fix.

    October 22, 2021


September 2021

  • ACH API effective date optimization.

    September 10, 2021


August 2021

  • Logic update for VCN API partial clearing detection.
  • Addition of unique clearing ID for clearing webhook.
  • VCN API reconciliation improvements:

    • Addition of banknet_reference_number to clearing webhook .
    • Addition of acquirer_reference_data to clearing webhook.
August 6, 2021


July 2021

  • ACH bulk payments functionality.
  • Addition of "addenda" record to ACH API transactions.
  • Addition of "fed_trace_number" record to ACH API transactions.
  • VCN API filtering improvements.
  • Indexing, filtering and pagination improvements for ACH API.
  • ACH and VCN API bug fixes and performance improvements.



July 23, 2021

April 2021

  • DB upgrade completed to improve security and reliability of API Banking.
  • Upgraded app server and renewed certificates for PSD2 API.
  • PSD2 application enhancements for consent management, payments and accounts.
  • Fixes completed to resolve third party integration issues. 



April 23, 2021

March 2021

  • Migration of existing sandbox users to new testing environment
  • Introduction of currency control feature for VCN API
  • Fixes for ACH filters and ICCP real-time event notifications
  • Addition of a new ACH processing window
  • Fix regarding VCN realtime auth (CLS) duplicates
March 12, 2021

February 2021

  • Enhancements for the RCN endpoint
  • Optimizations on RCN index call
  • Internal enhancements to improve performance of available endpoints
  • Updates to ACH payment error messages


February 5, 2021

January 2021

  • Removal of duplicates from VCN auths and backfilling of reference IDs
  • Addition of company_entry_description field to ACH transfers
  • Fix regarding retrieval of webhook notifications for ICCP Events 
  • Performance improvements for the events endpoint


January 22, 2021

December 2020

  • Introduce idempotency key feature for checking duplicate submission of ACH payments 
  • Update federal holidays calendar for processing ACH payments 
  • Show full details of ACH payments details in ACH index call 
  • Additional filters on the list ACH endpoint 
  • Add error codes for ACH IAT sec type payments 
  • Modify retrieve VCN call to get the latest card details from Mastercard instead of cached data
  • Implementing configurable MTLS (two-way security) for customers 


December 18, 2020

November 2020

  • Improvements for creating, retrieving and testing of IAT ACH transactions
  • Added correlation IDs to ease traceability of webhooks and event calls
  • Added correlation IDs to ACH calls
  • Introduction of Beta ICCP realtime auth webhook event to deliver realtime authorization data


November 20, 2020
November 6, 2020

October 2020

  • IP Whitelisting enhancements
  • Improvements on event notification APIs


October 9, 2020

September 2020

  • Update "Create Webhook" call to allow registration of new event types
  • PATCH VCN code fix for transactions where expiry month is the current month
  • Counterparty ID fix for ACH batch jobs
  • Auth and clearings link fix
September 25, 2020
September 16, 2020
September 11, 2020