ACH Transfers v2 Migration Guide

The purpose of this supplemental guide is to highlight the differences in field naming conventions between ACH v1 and v2. Please review the table below:

Revised ACH API Field Name Current ACH API Field Name NACHA Field Name


 addenda  addenda  Addenda
 amount  amount  Amount
 company_entry_description  company_entry_description  Company entry description
 provider_id  counterparty_id  N/A
 currency  currency  N/A
 direction  direction  Service class code
 effective_entry_date  effective_date  Effective entry date
 identification_number  memo  Identification number
 additional_information  metadata  N/A
 receiver_account_number  receiver_account_number  DFI account number
 receiver_account_type  receiver_account_type  Transaction Code
 receiver_name  receiver_name  Receiving company name
 receiver_routing_number  receiver_routing_number Receiving DFI identification
 sec_code  sec_code  Standard entry class
 settlement_priority  service  N/A