ACH v2 API Errors

SVB error responses are returned in a consistent format and provide necessary information regarding the encountered error. 

Error Response Field Description
 Name  Category of the encountered error.
 Id  Unique identifier for the returned error.
 Message  Description of the error to inform the API user.
 Errors  An array of encountered errors including detailed information for each specific error.
 Time  Time of error occurrence.



SVB categorizes API error messages to guide clients and simplify troubleshooting activities. 


Error Response Field Description
 VALIDATION_ERROR  Results from an improper API request where the request fields cannot be properly validated.
 ENTITLEMENT_ERROR  Errors caused from account configuration or eligibility, including insufficient privileges and limits.
 ACCOUNT_ERROR  Account related errors (i.e. errors due to account status or account balance).
 BENEFICIARY_ERROR  Results from any issues caused by the beneficiary (including beneficiary's bank information). 
 TRANSACTION_ERROR  Payment request related errors where the transaction is not permitted.
 UNEXPECTED_ERROR  Any error scenario where SVB cannot process the request (i.e. down-time and unavailability).